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JUN ‘15 26  
JUN ‘15 26  

Conference packages

BE LÉGÈRE - modern conference rooms, refreshing sweet and
salty coffee breaks, a delicious business lunch and a lot more - we ensure
your comfort and you can completely focus to your event:

BE LÉGÈRE (49.00 € per person)

  • conference room with standard technical equipment and data projector
  • 2 soft drinks per person in the conference room
  • coffee break in the morning with savory snacks
  • light 2-course business lunch with mineral water and apple juice
  • sweet coffee break in the afternoon with yoghurt bar and fruit salad
  • coffee and tea station during your event

Our upgrades for your coffee breaks:

PREMIUM (5.00 € per person)
savory: fresh vegetables, lettuce and salads, hearty finger food        
sweet: yogurt bar, sheet cakes, sweet pastries

DELUXE (10.00 € per person)
selection of fine hot and cold snacks such as chicken or shrimp
skewers, antipasti, freshly baked chocolate cookies, ...   

Our upgrades for your conference:

BE AWAKE (5.00 € per person)
welcome coffee before your meeting with small snacks

BE FREE (7.50 € per person)
unlimited soft drinks in the conference room

BE A GOURMET (8.00 € per person)
third course for your lunch menu

BE TOGETHER (9.00 € per person)
Prosecco and small fingerfood buffet after your event

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